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Fred Ponzio

Thank you very much. You have the power of open vision, a constructive mind. "Try again" is so superficial, arrogant and small point a view. Constructive critics are very very important and necessary to make our ideas grow. But just say "try again" is a powerful poison.

You see all the points of this idea!
Thank You Again,

Fred (criabrinde-creator of this idea)

Cory Garrison


In the world of improvisation there is really only one rule that cannot be broken. It's the rule of agreement. There are NO bad ideas! The response to everything is, "Yes, and..." "NO" kills creativity...it kills ideas....it kills relationships...it kills really great scenes!

Q: Ice cream packages in a ball form?
A: NO.


Q: Ice cream packages in a ball form?
A: Yes, and...inside the lid let's print instructions for an activity that encourages exercise!

Consider the book "Truth in Comedy" by Charna Halpern in your list of books for creativity!

I love your blog!



thanks for your words,
it's nice to see people that see through the first impression.


Most excellent thoughts on 'idea-testing'. Thanks for bringing this! Aloha from Switzerland.

Hi Fox, do the Swiss say Aloha? ;-) Thanks for commenting and I'm looking forward to being able to read your website when my German improves!


I would like to know more about those who would dismiss an idea so easily.

"that was instantly slammed down by the first commentator. Just two words. "...try again."

What are this person's Idea's?

Great post

Phil Le

A great article! You're so right about the superficialness in the "try again" argument. And when will someone develop this icecreamball ;D

Cheers from Sweden

Mark McGuinness

Avoiding a kneejerk dismissal is really important for creativity per se, as well as the individual idea/project under discussion.

The person who wrote 'try again' may end up discouraging the person who posted the idea, as well as squashing that particular one flat.

I'd like to think I'm more tactful than the 'try again' commenter, but if I'm honest there are times I have to be careful not to dismiss ideas too quickly. E.g. if I'm busy and an enthusiastic friend comes up to me with an idea for something they think I should do. Well, that would be my loss. But in a team situation it's everyone's loss, so very important to show open-mindedness when ideas are put forward.

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