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Asgeir Hoem

Thanks alot for the mention, Katie! I have been rather lazy lately, but I am still here. I am glad you find my posts interesting.

(Off topic: have you got any experience with Tom Kelley's books? I found 'The Ten Faces of Innovation' at a local bookstore, which seemed interesting.)

Read it! Tom Kelley is amazing and Ideo is my dream employer! And you deserve it. :-)

Roger von Oech

Hi Katie,

Thanks for the kinds words. I also look forward to checking out the blogs you mentioned. Best wishes to you and your readers.

Roger von Oech

Roger, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Mike McGinley

Hi Katie - great blog! I'm studying for MBA and I think reading your blog will give me more insight into the business world. Keep it up!

Hi Mike, thanks for the compliment and let me know if you have any questions about creativity that you'd like to learn more about. I'm definitely open to suggestions! Also, if you get a chance, I recommend checking out some of the blogs under the left-hand column "Fresh Blogs" list.

Good luck with your MBA!


i'm really excited about these blogs. thanks! :)

i esp. like the creativity coach and your example of something she recently wrote. it reminded me that a colleague told me the same thing awhile ago.

Glad you liked her writing too! Her blog is very interesting to read and I love the bold choice of color.

Also, if you're looking for some other blogs that I highly recommend, check out "Fresh Blogs" list on the left-hand column on my blog.

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