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Stuart Baker

Hi Katie,

This is a deceptively brilliant post.

At first blush my reaction is, "Well, sure. You don't have to reinvent the wheel every time." But as you point out with a few examples, the unfortunate narrowness of vision is so common.


Stuart Baker

Hi Stuart, It's really interesting to me to look at what industry leaders said about a radically new idea before it actually worked. It's funny, but it also shines a strong light on how people deal with new ideas.

I think it's not that they intend to reject innovative ideas, it's that our minds naturally go with what is familiar, and it's really hard to conceptualize something that's very different.

At the time, most of those ideas probably sounded crazy. Luckily, the innovators were stubborn enough to push forward even though people thought they were insane!

After all, before the car, if you asked people what they wanted, they probably would have told you that they wanted a faster horse!