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Brian Clark

This is awesome. As you saw, he made me mad too. People like him can't be helped, but like you, I know that anyone who wants to be creative can be.

Hell, I used to be a lawyer. There's hope for anyone. :)


Bravo! My whole blog is dedicated to helping willing people learn to be creative. So is my book. And they work because they help put people in a frame of mind where they can look at things differently or dig deeper than the surface level things that everybody sees.

And how did I come to this? Through my Masters in Writing and Literature, and using that knowledge to help directionless college freshman find a cause worth getting creative about. And they did.

As a teacher, the best feedback I ever got was from students who didn't know they could get into writing so much. I think it was because they found a new way to tap a creativity they hadn't before. And they grew.

Anyway, sorry to sound like bragging or anything. I'm just letting you know that I agree with you totally and support your position, because I, too, have seen it first hand.


Katie, You are right. Creativity along with many other human capabilities are skills in which any man or woman can be trained. But our society has a strange way of bestowing mythical qualities on it and considering them divine! Such myths have to be blasted. And you have made a powerful and inspiring statement. On a personal note, I too underwent plenty of torment from subscribing to the 'mythical' version and am yet to fully recover from it. Your blog has been an oasis to me.

Shaji.k, thanks for writing in. I'm glad that you're recovering from believing creativity is a mythical gift! It's much better, I think, to consider creativity to be a skill than a gift from above. There's more hope involved!

Clay Parker Jones

Hear hear.

Anything can be learned. Anything.

Even if you don't have a Master's Degree or haven't written a book.

I'd even argue that a Masters degree isn't much of a help to learning an application skill like creativity. Understanding why people are creative is one thing, but actually being creative is another.

I spent a lot of time learning how to be creative before my Masters degree, and I constantly refer to that experience more than my academic knowledge.

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