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Andy (@c3pojones)

Ha! I made the exact same mistake in Germany, super confident and happy I could understand and order one thing correctly (besides beer). Nice connection too. I appreciated the insights.


I'll never forget the look on your face...
The American "Pepperoni" is a short form of the italian "peperone salami", btw. In that case simplicity didn't make your life easier ;)


Great post. I couldn't agree more about thinking outside the box. The biggest and greatest forward movements in history are due to people thinking outside the box.

Paul Sloane

I agree with the sentiments but I think that the phrase 'thinking outside the box' is a little hackneyed now. We need some creative alternatives. Dupont used to ask their chemists to 'think outside the molecule.' What can you suggest as innovative metaphors for this issue?

Sparky Firepants

I was at an event listening to Guy Kawasaki this morning and this is one of the points he made.

What are some ways you get out of the box in the first place? For me it's sometimes difficult to know when I'm stuck in my own paradigms.

I try to think of Doc Brown in back to the Future when he says to Marty, "You're not thinking fourth-dimensionally!"

Any ideas?

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