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So how's that work out?
Buy one in the morning
have a second half price in the afternoon?

Business is business
Supermarkets do it, so I guess Starbucks haven't exactly invented sliced bread - or - coffee. lol!


If a trick could really attract more revenue, original inventions won't be matter anymore.

Just wait for checking their records.

paul isakson

Hmmm... that is interesting.

One thing that is quite interesting is that it's tied to a purchase in the morning. So, they're not giving everyone discounted coffee... only those who come in and pay full price in the morning.

Another interesting point based on that is that caffeine is a drug that can become a bit addictive. If they get people who were drinking one coffee a day to get hooked on two per day through this, they are likely to win in the long term when they take the promotion away and people are still jonesing for their afternoon jolt.

As far as devaluing their brand, I think they started doing that a long time ago by placing an emphasis on how fast they could serve a greater number of customers and by putting stores on every corner as well as in grocery stores, shopping centers and hotel lobbies.

True. When I was in London, there was literally a Starbucks every 3 blocks. It's not like they've been trying to be selective for a long time. But that is probably why they're struggling now. A brand can only be stretched so far. ~ Katie

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