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I dugg it! I love dogs, I hope it works out. All the best :)



thumbed up passed on to friends.

animals are one of the only absolutely pure and good things for people and this is absolutely unacceptable.

I hope your friend gets Ratchet back soon


Dugg. I'm so sorry this is happening to her. It's horrible.

Daniel Sitter

It's Dugg and Stumbled Katie. A sad story, but not a hopeless one. Thank you for caring. You are Gwen's wonderful friend.


Unbelievable! Dugg, Stumbled, reddit the works! I blogged it to my LJ too! I have 2 dogs I couldn't IMAGINE this!! I grew up at Fort Drum, NY my family is a military family and I can tell you none of my brothers would take that...


That's complete BS - my friend wrote this book about her brother's experience bringing his befriended pup home to the states - he had lots of trouble making it work, but not from our military. This girl is getting the shaft for sure. http://www.44-days.com/

Hope things turn out ok for them.


Have sent this to http://www.zootoo.com/
Perhaps their members can help apply some pressure, all my best hopes & wishes for your friend and Ratchet!


Not only is this absolutely tragic and outrageous, it is indicative of the overall lack of human decency demanded by those pulling this military's puppet strings.

Caring for an animal...or another human being that doesn't come from your home country or possess the same belief system, for that matter - is contrary to the very fundamentals of our occupation in Iraq.

There is nothing more dangerous to any war than soldiers that show compassion and/or empathy for ANY being in the country being invaded. It is sick, sad and just WRONG. The only comfort in such a situation the understanding that Karma will ultimately balance the scale...perhaps sending these murderous officers back as dogs in war-torn countries for centuries to come.


I emailed this to our CH7 breakfast show 'Sunrise', and to their stories editor. Hopefully they'll pick it up because our AU soldiers abroad could be dealing with the same heartbreak. Fingers crossed they give it some air.


Have you considered starting an online petition? Because it sounds like your dealing w/ US Army policies, if you haven't already done so, I would start an online petition, get as many signatures as possible, and forward it to both the Secretary of the Army and Secretary of Defense, and maybe include President Bush and Speaker Pelosi and let them know on the petition, that this policy is both cruel and inhumane and request they investigate this. Here a link to a popular online petition if you want to give it a try. Good luck! http://www.petitionspot.com/


ahhh, now i'm pissed. I'm mailing this to every news organization I can find.


That is wrong. I almost started crying read that. I hope things work out. I dugg it.

William O

Just added it to CurrentTV. Linked to the website. check it out at Current.com


I'd like for someone to release the name of her commanding officer who went about doing this. Trash like that deserve to be outed and condemned for their actions on the battlefield.


This is wrong, what are they trying to prove by killing an innocent animal?? and god knows how many other animals are in this same situation!! what I find unbelievable is that soldiers cannot befriend animals, thats a complete lack of humanity, they are humans! not some piece of artillery you can pull off the assembly line with military budget, what's next?? you can't rescue civilians either??


Need more information.
I'm Retired Military. If you have any hope of influencing this situation, you need to get all the specific details out NOW.
The name and unit of the commander, and the specific regulation citation are necessary for folks to contact their congresscritter!
The only way for this to get done is an immediate "congressional".


This really sucks, but as some people have said in a less friendly manner, your friend should have known this rule existed. It's highly irresponsible when joining any contract/obligation, let alone one as serious as enlisting in the military, to fail to understand all the rules.

It's probably a stupid rule.

The dog shouldn't have to die.

But your friend knew (or damn well should have known) that she was breaking the rules and that there could be consequences.

Being in the army isn't supposed to be normal life. You don't have the rights you normally do. You have to follow the rules. Expecting mercy towards an animal from an organization whose sole purpose is the use of deadly force against humans for (supposedly) constructive or defensive means is foolish.


@theman Yeah, whatever. Hope the next dog you encounter is an abused pit bill who bites the face off your child and crushes the skull in its jaws. 'Cause you're an asshole and it's the least you deserve.

Anyway, I have emailed my congressman to see if he can help. Good luck to Sgt Beberg and Ratchet!

Love, Sethra(and her cocker spaniel Barney)


I dugg it. This is awful! The military has already asked so much of Gwen.

Please post the names and details so we can write our congresspeople, and local news channels.


The commanding officer might have wanted sex in exchange.
Make the women's life miserable -> break the women's sense of hope -> then show the women a ray of hope through sex.

Its a standard interrogation methods.



this sucks, but i feel as though there is very little i can do solely with the information posted.

Yu Gi Oh master 69

In Fallujah we would be forced to gun down the packs of stray dogs because they would feed on bodies, and spread disease. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it civilians! I probably killed 100 dogs.


I emailed my congressional representative. This is a morally reprehensible situation which deserves to be remediated with those acting in malice of forethought to be dealt with in what civilians' (who after all run the country) refer to as, "common sense".


Kirill Baglemoff

I was brainwashed and taught by the Russian Military how to be a heartless and efficient killer. I did not like to stay this way, so I came to America and used my knowledge and training to help people, and to create rather than destroy.
However, there shall be no illusions about what army is all about. It is a killing machine, deployed by the government, for protecting their personal interest and not the people's of eigher country! If she is not ready to kill her parents, or friends, or the dog for this matter - she is unfit for service, and shall not work for the government on the first place. If people have moral and ethics they go to church, not to the army. Crying does not help - it is sign of weakness. The problem is much bigger - it is different and the opposite of discussed above: what exactly America is planning to do with such officers or soldiers, who can shoot this puppy in the head, after the war will be over? Some of them will take pills prescribed by the psychiatrist, which will alter chemical reactions in their brain for life, leaving them mentally handicapped. But what you are going to do with those, who are trained how to withstand interrigation after they will realise that government does not wish to pay their medical bills? Are you waiting for another Bin Laden to come along?


Does the person have a name and home state its hard to call up our senators to help this person w/o a name, and home state.

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