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I'm posting this to Facebook along with the petition, urging my friends to read and sign it. Have you contacted CNN and Fox News? When they bring attention to a story and millions of Americans are watching, the military would have to rethink doing something as cruel as killing Ratchet and preventing him from coming to the US.

Alison Lowndes

I've FaceBooked it, DIGG'd, it, emailed it around, signed the petition, emailed the petition around, passed it onto THE only Guru on the internet let me know if you want UK media attention too.

Alison Lowndes

Words of advice from a journalist friend .. if you want to change a ruling by a US decision maker then you have to embarrass them on their home turf. Get the US media involved, preferably The Washington Post!


Has anyone contacted the Ellen or Oprah shows? They are pet lovers and if a lot of people wrote to them on this it just might work!


I've been contacting all the local and national news outlets and radio stations I can think of. I'm in the Chicago area. I don't know how much interest I can get, but I'm doing my damnedest.

I urge everyone else following this story to do the same.

Please keep us posted!


Is there anything else to report? Am on pins and needles here!


I have sent this to CNN, The Huffington Post, The NY Times and The Washington Post. Good luck Ratchet!

john mccain

get the dog home, no money from me, however.


The US Military should be spending their time and effort doing something more constructive! They should punish Gwen not Ratchet! I understand Gwen may get demoted, this is punishment enough. Why take it out on a dog? Ratchet- we are all pulling for you!!!


We are going crazy waiting for an update. Will Ratchet go home tomorrow? We are telling everyone we know about it.

Wendy Keelan

I can't believe this cruelty by the US Military is happening. Please let this lovely lady take him home and don't be such tyrants. You are no better than the Taliban otherwise. Let them be together.


We are still rooting for Ratchet. I sent this letter to Oprah and Ellen in case it helps:
Dear Oprah,
Thank you so much for the recent shows you have done on animal rights. I agree with you entirely that the way we treat our animals is a barometer of our own humanity. I have recently gotten involved in a rescue operation for and Iraqi puppy that was adopted by Sgt. Gwen Beberg. Her puppy, Ratchet, was on a convoy twice now to be rescued by Operation Baghdad Pubs and brought to the Unites States, only to be detained due to military bureaucracy.

While I realize there are greater issues surrounding the Iraqi conflict, my heart is breaking for this kind woman who has given everything to her country, and asks only to keep her puppy in return. The reason this issue is bigger than "just rescuing dogs" is because Ratchet and his wagging tail has gotten Sgt. Beberg through her unimaginable war experiences. We have become increasingly educated over the past few years about post-traumatic-stress-syndrome, and it is well known that the unconditional love of our four legged friends provides solace and therapeutic support for our soldiers.

Sgt. Beberg has served her country well. Now it is time for her country to serve her. Please help us bring Ratchet home. the following link is where you can find details about the full story:


There is an international petition out to save Ratchet, and people from California to New Zealand are begging congress people and military authorities to allow Sgt. Beberg to serve and protect Ratchet, as she has the American people. These gestures of human kindness weave the fabric that hold us together, and it is with these seemingly small acts of love that ordinary citizens can bring peace to the world.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration to help Sgt. Beberg and Ratchet.
Kind Regards,


Hello, Anders from Sweden here, cant call any senators but i really hope Ratchet makes it!

Alex Severins, Belgium

I wish Gwen all the best and lots of luck. On occasions like this I get mad. We can sent people in orbit and have them circle the earth but we can't get this dog to a good home. Isn't there anybody out there who has a lot of money and means to get that dog out personally.
Let's all hope for the best.


Ratchet was released yesterday by the military 1/2 hour before the plane left. Ratchet missed the plane.
The Bagdad Pups group will possibly try again this Sunday. No reason that Ratchet should have missed two planes out of the war zone.


I'm so glad you mentioned KIVA in your blog. I'm am very involved on KIVA I think microfinance is such an amazing field to be apart of.


Daily ration for ice (one of the most valuable comodities during an Iraqi summer): 1 bag per 2 soldiers.
...or one per cute little puppy; aww, he's so cute!!!1!one (and against orders to keep, by the way)
Find something more important to worry about.


Heard on the news 3 pm (pst) that Ratchet has landed in the United States.

Boaz Cnaan

Good JOB!!!

Matan Schwartz

well done i hope u will enjoy him for a long time

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