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CV Harquail

Katie- that really *is* a fresh idea-- what a great metaphor for learning to look outward!

Jared O'Toole

Great advice.

Best idea generation is doing something different. Maybe just take a different route to work or when you jog. Go get groceries at a different store. Whatever it is just make yourself a little uncomfortable and I bet you might get that spark!

Luc Debaisieux


This post is indeed SO fresh and insightful. I like the metaphor of the drilling.

I think the "mood we're in" is directly linked to the creative power we have to produce fresh and relevant ideas. Stress, pressure, deadlines, overloaded day-to-day... are unfortunately acting as negative catalysts.

I'd say all activities or non-activities helping us to rest our minds are good. Sleep probably being the most simple, precious and natural idea booster.

Sleep = fresh creative energy! ; )


Gr8 post Katie. And the anecdote of the oil drilling that you shared is very apt in the current scenario of recession. Companies are realizing that its time to get above the current business model and give breadth to those activities that have been laying unattended for a long time. Coz since the times have changed so do we need to adapt ourselves to keep going.

Quite an insightful post.

Paul Sloane


Good post. Here are some more ideas for things you can do when your ideas well runs dry:


Paul Sloane

Nick Bush

Great post. In a time of recession it's tempting to 'play it safe' and do what you know works (or worked in the past) but as you have compellingly illustrated that's likely to have you run dry before too long.

Troy Bingham - Sales Force Dialer

It is always times like this where thought leaders are born. I don't look at it as much as a troubled economy but a new economy that is self adjusting to some inflated industries. Time to think of new ways to get people to buy. It can be done.

Cheryl Smith

Great advice Katie!

Another good resource to consider, is the book "Brain Rules" which highlights some of the very things you've mentioned in this post.

Well done. Look forward to hearing more and connecting on Twitter (thanks to Mykl Roventine).


Great post, love the well analogy. Nice work.

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