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Marylee Hale

The accompanying cover letters have become quite creative as well - brightly colored paper, wild fonts, assertions of accomplishments way beyond the realm of possibility. It's also amazing how many job seekers have done every kind of work imaginable and can do any kind as well!

Bill Perry

The funniest one I read about so far is in a Zig Ziglar book. A person looking for a job had his resume printed on to a bunch of T-Shirts and at the bottom it said "I think I'm a good FIT for your company".

It worked and got him the job, but not sure if it would work now.


Thanks for your intersting post (as always). I bet this online Cv is not only creative but also effective
Why is that so? because the talent that is presented in the CV is also that needed for the kind of job this person is looking for.

Katie's note: I don't know I'd agree that that online CV is effective. I actually found it pretty annoying. It wasn't a very powerful demonstration of his skills.


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Yep, showing your value to the company is best.

And this, made me laugh! "(Unless, of course, you want to send me a cake with your resume on it. I won't guarantee I'll hire you, but I'll definitely scarf it down!)"


I agree that the value propositions are great differentiators.

We can laugh at these other attempts at acquiring notice from someone in the company or we can attempt to understand why job seekers attempt stunts. Let's be compassionate here. Times are difficult and many job seekers are disparate.

I have never had to rely on the internet to get a job until now. Think about it. The days of going to a company, speaking with HR and leaving your resume have been over for years. The situation requires new thought and perhaps a longer cycle to acquire a (any) job.
Thank you for remaining in contact with friends who are seeking a career again and providing tips on navigating this complex process.

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