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Lynnea Urania Stuart

Climate change will happen when businesspeople finally see the possibilities of common sense policy. Common sense policy does more than address the crisis of climate change. It also addresses the fact that if America is to regain its financial balance, it must become an exporting nation again. However, America will not achieve this without retrenching in the areas of energy costs and labor costs.

In terms of energy per se, no manufacturer was ever able to make a buck while having to shell out tons of money for a pound of steam: what has traditionally been the major mover of production. In 1960, when a pound of steam was a pittance, even hospitals ran their own laundries. Manufacturers used steam for everything from heating and cooling processes to presses. But by the 1980's the cost of a pound of steam hit double-digit dollars and many engineering crews were cut to skeletons and remain so today if at all.

The alternate energy sources, producing electricity without the exhaust known in previous decades have the potential of making manfacturers self-sufficient, or even producers of energy, selling electricity back to the power company.

As for labor, most of us know that the greatest expenditures for most workers is in their homes and health. While health care is being debated now, families of industrial workers are increasingly unable to support mortgages. Might we see a return to manufacturers supplying dormitories for workers no longer able to afford houses? I wonder.

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