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Jay Cohen

Great article, excellent pic, thanks.

Jay C


You're making a lot of assumptions about the Mosses. Since the primary goal this year is the BC Classic in November, what sense does it make to burn her out in the middle of the year? You have to think about the entire campaign. She's not a machine. They can't just go run her anywhere. If her owners really wanted her to remain undefeated -- if that was their entire goal for her -- then they never would have run her in the BC Classic. Why is this so hard for people to understand? Don't be a part of this "Zenyatta still has tons to prove" meme. She doesn't deserve that, and nor do the Mosses. They have most assuredly NOT shunned risk. Honestly.


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Katie Konrath

@Kay No one is asking Zenyatta's owners to burn her out. We simply want them to run her in a similar campaign to the male horses she will face at the end of the year in the Classic. If she's their equal (which she certainly appears to be) she should be able to handle it.

There's no reason she should race in the same female-only races she's competed in, and won for 3 years - unless her owners don't want to challenge her.

In my opinion, Zenyatta is great. And she should be allowed to continue proving it by racing and winning against the best horses in the US.

As for why Zenyatta's owners raced her in open competition last year for the Breeder's Cup instead of the Ladies Classic - they finally understood that Zenyatta couldn't win Horse of the Year if she didn't race against the best.

She's a great horse. Run her like one. And that means taking risks and going after challenging victories.

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