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I read an interesting theory recently linking the decline in teacher quality (and in numbers of nursing students) over the past decades to the increasing acceptance of women in management roles in other professions. As the theory goes - a generation ago, there simply weren't as many career options available to even the highest achieving women, so the overall pool of candidate teachers and nurses was much stronger. Now many brilliant women who might have been excellent teachers or nurses are instead becoming physicians, CEOs, or politicians.


As the saying goes "your either green and growing or brown and dieing." One of the best examples of continuing to learn throughout life is John Wooden. Up until his death last year he was still learning and mentoring people.

You cannot continue to mentor people if you are not continuing to learn and improve yourself. Once you stop learning you can lose a passion for life.

Go watch a four or five year old and see how innovative they are daily. They are always creating and learning something new.

Great article thanks


That's the smart thinnikg we could all benefit from.

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