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i totally like these methods to fix things. we do not need to buy always something new, in most cases they can be fixed.only the market needs us for consuming more and more, but nowadays it is necessary to save some money. and the russians got it!

Babette Ten Haken

I first read about TRIZ on Mike Shipulski's blog:
http://www.shipulski.com/category/triz/. Mike involves problem solving algorithm in engineering.

The next time it showed up was in Keth Sawyer's book, Group Genius. http://www.moxy.com.au/index.php/moxy-knowledge/18-articles/50-collaborative-creativity.

Frankly, a lot of us who think out of the box, as you do, have come up with inventive strategies to practicalize the impractical. We just didn't realize there is something "real" about how we put ideas together. (And thanks for the idea on how to keep loose heels on. Brilliant. My daughter opted for duct tape when her sandals came apart this summer at a festival. Hey, it was convenient).

I'm hoping TRIZ comes to the forefront. It makes so much sense.


I read Mike Shipulski's blog too


I'm impressed. You've really raised the bar with that.

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