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Rifle. A cell phone app where you play essentially "duck hunt" by tapping on the part of the screen you want to shoot, and you shooot there. It eventually gets hard b/c of increasing speed and decreasing size of the targets.

Pavel T

Word: Onion

1. Onion consists of layers, you can remove them one by one.
Idea: removable parts of your phone.
--- Smart phones are large by definition (screen size, etc.). Very often it is not convenient.
However sometimes you need just PHONE, and this part could be small.
I think it should be possible to separate pure phone (as a small part) from whole cell phone body and use just phone separately.
--- Other version of this idea: ability to remove large screen and use physically smaller body (with limited functionality, probably) when you need.
--- Removable small GPS unit.
Let's say, GPS unit you could use with your big photo camera.
--- Not remove, but add.
Extra devices for specific needs.
Particularly, extra battery - why not to have an option to attach extra battery? DSLR photo cameras have such option.

2. Onion is Food.
Very specific food, actually: it's not recommended to keep other vegetables (like potato) close to onion - they will lose quality much faster.
Let's think about phone as a "potato" - could phone alert you if you are close to something dangerous?
BTW, dangerous doesn't necessarily mean something deadly, some alerts could be useful even when your are at home.
Let's say, you want to lose weight. You can carry with you small GPS unit disconnected from your phone (See idea #1 above). Each time when you are approaching refrigerator or place where you keep snacks, phone alerts you (rings from another room). First - you will get out of kitchen, and your craving for "guilty pleasure" gets disrupted. Second, if you really need to visit your refrigerator, extra trip from another room will contribute to your weight loosing idea.

3. Onion is very healthy, but (for some people) it is not pleasant food to eat.
Ability to measure blood pressure combined with reminder (could be extra attachment to the phone - see idea #1 above?).
Reminder to take medications according to the time.

Valerie Keener

Necklace. Would love to have a necklace designed to incorporate earbuds. They would be part of the design of a necklace, yet could be extended and inserted into ears when phone rings. La-ti-dah.

Martha Hamilton

Coffee - bad breath tester.


Kitchen Knife: A cell phone that much like a "Swiss Army Knife", has accessories integrated into it.


Word: Grapes

I thought of how juicy and sweet grapes are and how refreshing they can be when i eat them on a hot summer day. Grapes are also nutritios and are very high on an important atioxidant - reservatrol, which is cancer fighting! This work totally spoke to the foodie in me. Some ideas:

1. A bio-degradable phone, made of materials that fully decompose when broken apart.

2. Raw food / cancer fighting foods app: an app that tells tourists or busy professionals where they can get nutritious raw meals from. The app works much like a GPS, but is backed by some research on local restaurants that serve raw food (could even be a salad at panera), calculates the amount od antioxidants and nutrients etc. App users can then search, and then pick and choose which place to go to, based on each restaurant's raw / healthy food 'menu'.

Another version of this app - Cancer patients are on special diets that are very high on antioxidants. The app will provide info on places they can go to, to buy cancer-fighting food.


Word: Butterfly

How about a mobile that has added functionality for during the day but then literally "unzips" to reveal a slimmer mobile with limited functionality i.e. just call and text functions which is more slim fitting to go into your pocket for a night out on the town....


Don Mathews

Word: Guitar

Hmmm... at first thought, I should have randomly picked a different word. Oh well - let's see what I can do.

I know that guitarists frequently use a guitar tuner to tune their guitars. It would cool to see a cell phone double up as a guitar tuner. Since the cell phone already has a microphone, the musician wouldn't need to connect with a cord through a pick up element.

Thinking more, cell phones can already record audio. Why not make an app to transcribe the notes to sheet music. There are plenty of guitarists who don't read music - they just feel it.

Better yet, for those of us who don't play, nor read sheet music, we could take a picture of the music sheets. The cell phone could read it in and then play the music so we would know what the song is supposed to sound like.

That same technolgy could used to tranlate braille to visible words. That would be useless for the blind, but it would be very helpful for those who should be proof-reading braille signs. Do you know how pissed off the blind get when the word "Exit" is in a foreign language, or upside down? This is a real problem, and your cell phone could someday save a blind person from a misunderstanding.

Nirvashnee Seetal

Word: Baby

A cell phone that can be used as a baby monitor, especially when you travel (stay out) with baby alot and don't want to be carrying his/her usual monitor around (because there's usually so much to carry when you have a little baby to worry about).


Just the type of iingsht we need to fire up the debate.

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